" Where the Legends Live "                    WMCW  97.7 FM


Director to keep up with is: GREG SHERLOCK

who will provide  9-10:00 AM with his  " Breakfast with Your Neighbor" interview show

Meeting with community members, businesses, local resident groups on any subject, that could interest our listeners , meeting in restaurants for coffee break, come and speak up on issues that bother you or talk about town's history as you remember it, to submit your topic and when you are available get in touch with:  our President, Director, talk show host, Greg Sherlock will take the lead of the interviewer with other lead talkers. 

submit your interest to participate to;

[email protected]

We INVITE all community members to participate, everybody has hobbies, interest in daily affairs going on, travel experience locally or worldwide to share, parental concerns . job concerns, health concerns, what's your vision for ASTOR'S growth in the future. Topics are endless. 

As the show take on popularity we welcome all of you to come forward . 
RULES: must be 18 years of age or groups accompanied by an adult leader by parental permission, like in case of BOYS or GIRLS Scouts Groups.
This is  not a  patriot or religious oriented show, although you are free to speak your opinion due to FCC regulations watch your language and by station rules miss presentations will be taken off the air.
Waiver; views presented by the interviewees are totally their opinion, not the interviewer host's or WMCW 97.7 SHOWS will be digitally saved , replayed entirely by request,  also the 'best of the week' or the month on Fridays. Healthcare interviews can be requested
No interviews will be scheduled for during Holidays.  Don't worry there are still enough days in the year to participate. As the show expands in content, in participation, sponsorship, listenership locally and on the Internet, you never know how FAMOUS you can get by hearing your presentation. 
SUBMIT YOUR TOPIC TO: [email protected]
You may sponsor this show  write [email protected]    THANK YOU!  
Your organization's name will be mentioned at the beginning and the end of each show and in promotional spots during the day. 

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